Shipping Policy

SHIPPING: We generally ship all items within 1 business day of our receipt and acceptance of an
order. If there is a delay affecting our ability to ship generally, we will attempt to conspicuously
post that fact on this site. We ship through the USPS, Fedex or U.S. Postal Service, and packages
can be tracked through their website if the customer provides a valid email address with their
order, the tracking info will be emailed to them via our order system.

We fill domestic orders via USPS or U.S. Postal Service mail, which generally results in delivery
within 2 to 5 days. Requests for use of a courier service or overnight shipping cannot be
processed on this website. We always look and chose the least cost method to reduce shipping
costs at all times.

We are not responsible for delays or for non-performance resulting from causes beyond its
reasonable control, including acts of any government or acts of God.

UPDATE: 8/15/21 – We are no longer allowing “direct ship” of orders to the following
countries as we have Stores, Distributors or Resell Affiliates in country to aid in transactions:

Nigeria, Africa


If a package gets lost in transit (very rare, though it does happen), We will not
be responsible if the tracking information says the package was “delivered,” which means U.S.
Postal Service or the courier service successfully delivered the package to the specified address.
If the tracking information says delivered, yet it’s lost anyway, we ask that you check with
housemates or family to see if they received the package without telling the intended recipient.
This scenario happens fairly often.


If a package is sent to the wrong address, and the
incorrect address was provided online by a customer, then the customer is responsible for the
cost of re-shipping the item. We will re-ship the order once the original package has been
confirmed is unable to be redirected. So please, when ordering, make sure your shipping
address is accurate, as making any mistake could significantly delay the delivery.


We allow three days from the date of delivery to
notify us if there is any type of defect with a product or if the package it was in was damaged in
transit. If we aren’t notified of defects or damages within the three-day window, it is
understood that the package and products were in good condition upon delivery.


If there are any questions regarding this shipping policy, you may contact us using the
information below:
Novis Animal Solutions
3911 Elaine Dr, Bryan, TX, 77808, USA
[email protected]

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