Our Story

Novis Animal Solutions first started as a consulting company helping US and European companies launch in the North American animal health markets, which includes animal nutrition, novel ingredient development, animal health regulations and diagnostic testing. 

We’re prepared to help you at any level. With an emise background from regulated disease diagnostic programs and non-regulated health testing to nutritional health outcome testing and turnkey product development allows Novis Animal Solutions to ensure your success.
Your business is our business. Our background exemplifies this as few testing companies have started, developed or serviced more successful animal testing companies more than Novis. We offer a suite of quality tests and support services that will help you get there quickly and smoothly.
nate dewsbury
Nate Dewsbury
Owner & Operator

“Accessing the latest and most innovative health testing biomarkers are not accessible to all practitioners or owners. This is why Novis Animal Solutions exists.”

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