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The most advanced animal lab tests

We have unique partnerships with leading animal science research labs in the State of Texas. Get verified results quickly when you need them, without the hassle of travel and waiting.

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Troubleshoot why breeding attempts are unsuccessful.

Get tests that are not routinely measured but should be.

Obtain early access to innovative biomarker testing.

Get actionable breeding insights, and more

What species do you need testing for?

Canine Test Kits

810 reviews:

Find out if your dog is spayed or neutered. Time fertility cycles more precisely. Manage and assess breeding complications.

Bovine Test Kits

322 reviews:

Our test kits help you time your cattle’s fertility cycles more precisely and understand any breeding complications.

Sheep Test Kits

465 reviews:

Our test kits help you time your sheep’s fertility cycles more precisely and understand any breeding complications.

Goat Test Kits

110 reviews:

Our test kit helps you time your goat’s fertility cycles more precisely and understand any breeding complications.

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Testing aids in scientific research studies

When you use our test kits, you aid in furthering research initiatives. Help advance today’s studies in breeding and fertility so that we can help combat complications, disorders, and disease.

Get results in 2-4 weeks

Quick and easy tests ensure you get results fast.

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Purchase the test, we will mail you a blood card if applicable.


Follow the simple test instructions to obtain a sample.


Mail the sample to us using the return envelope – we email you results.

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Your Animal's Results

Get your results with valuable insights and actionable recommendations directly from our lab scientists. Don’t be left in the dark trying to figure out the next steps. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions and timely choices when it comes to your animal’s health and wellness.

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